“John not only taught me how to play guitar, he taught me why music works the way it does. I gained the confidence to be able to play many different styles, with many types of musicians. John provided me with the foundation to continue to grow as a guitarist for the rest of my life. When we had finished our lessons, I loved music and guitar more than when we started.”

“I have been taking acoustic guitar lessons from John for a few years now and he has taught me so much. From blues to pop to Irish melodies to folk and Americana to acoustic rock, John’s experience runs the full spectrum. And did I mention music theory – he teaches that as well!”

“I was 40 years old and had no musical training or talent. It is scary to learn something new at that age. John made this easy and fun. It has changed my life. Music now gives me more enjoyment than any activity I have ever been involved with. Thank you!”

“Having John as an instructor had been one of the best experiences I’ve had. He really leveled me up fast. I was a decent beginner, in that I could play barre chords and some really basic melodies. I was using books, online videos, friends, and self-assessment for instruction. In my first session, John was able to diagnose the real challenges I was facing (not what I thought they were AT ALL) and provided a methodology for getting me into good habits. He’s very clear and professional in sessions.”

“John’s teaching was my first exposure to the guitar and I’m still playing 12 years later. His flexible teaching style gave me a solid grounding in music theory while allowing me to bring new songs and ideas to incorporate into our weekly lessons. John was always meticulously prepared and went the extra mile, drawing on his deep knowledge of the instrument and presenting some bit of insight or new material to clarify questions I raised about a difficult concept. And his patience and encouragement ensured I always felt comfortable to make mistakes and just express myself.”

“John is not only a talented guitarist, but is also extremely dedicated to his students. Under his instruction, I quickly progressed from beginner to being able to play a wide range of songs, understand the fundamentals of music theory, and improvise as part of an ensemble. He was also patient, encouraging, and he pushed me to excel at my instrument. He’s a consummate professional.”